I built this page to create a free, and hopefully easy to use reference on using the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) system.  I work as the tech person for an Army Consulting firm so I often find myself helping colleagues answer questions about a number of Army systems including AKO.

I am not going to name the consulting firm I work for as I did not build this website to shamelessly plug my company.  I build websites in my spare time as a second income/hobby.  I built this site strictly to help others learn how to navigate the AKO webmail system.  This site is not intended to produce income, so you will not see any banners or flashing ads on the pages.  I pay for the domain registration and hosting out of my own pocket.  What I do get out of this is the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping others.

I had many pages of notes tucked away in files and figured that if they can help the folks around me, then hopefully others can benefit as well.  Anyway, I took the files and put them into webpage format and this website is the result.  Please do not hesitate to email me if you think there are items that I can add to make this page an even better resource.

– Kevin