In order to access the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) webmail system, you will need to go to the official AKO webmail login portal located here:  Once on their page, you just enter your username and password and you’re in.  If you do not yet have an AKO webmail account, see the AKO Account Registration page on how to get you set-up in the webmail system.  Also, to access some features of the AKO sytem, you may need to login using a CAC card and a smart card reader.


AKO WebmailAKO Summary
AKO is a single enterprise web portal that provides single sign on capability for email, directory services, blogs, file storage, instant messenger, and chat as well as links and access to other related army websites (e.g. ATTRS, iPERMS, MEDPROS, etc). AKO Webmail is available to all components of the Army (Active, Reserve and National Guard) as well as those who support the Army to include contractors and Family dependents, as well as Army Retirees. In addition, AKO offers the capability for users to build pages and file storage folders with access control capabilities to facilitate information sharing within the Army.